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Re: Polishing clearcote question

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Just 4 additions to the tips before:

- Make sure the Clear Coat is really hardened through, before you start any mechanical work on it. In the automotive world, if not used special additives, this is around 4 weeks.
- When using power tools, always keep an eye on the surface temperature of the paint. Do not exceed 50°C.
- When using multiple coarseness steps, it is a good rule of thumb to spend double the time on the next finer grid. Like making 5 passes with a 3000 grid, then do 10 passes with the 4000 grid and so on...
- When going up on the grids, keep a direction of pass for a grid and then change by 90°. So like 3000 forward backwards, then 4000 from side to side and 6000 again forward backward and so on. This makes it easier for you to spot, wether you have eliminated all scratches from the grid before. If you reach a uniform surface, with scratches only from your current direction of grid and no more cross scratches, you can proceed to the next grid.

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