Lancia "Deltona" Repsol 1993 - Hasegawa 1/24

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Re: Lancia "Deltona" Repsol 1993 - Hasegawa 1/24

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fastbackfreddie wrote: Thu Nov 24, 2022 3:23 pm I also have the same issue with Jesus' posts.
I am no IT person by a long stretch, but I find that if you right click on the 'image' icon, then 'open in new tab', the pic will then load up.
You need to do that for each image. Simple solution that works for me.
Anyway, try that Malc and see if that works.
No, as mentioned the picture hyperlinks are not 'live' so there is nothing to click on.
Its probably somthing to do with the SSL certificate from the original blog the pictures are hosted on.

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Re: Lancia "Deltona" Repsol 1993 - Hasegawa 1/24

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Seems ok in Win11 with Firefox.
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