1/12 Moto GP DUKATIS.... anyone?

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1/12 Moto GP DUKATIS.... anyone?

Post by JamesB »

Well that´s it!
You probably know I am also an avid fan of all kind of GP stuff on TWO wheels :mrgreen:
Lately I´ve been filling some blanks in the line up. I surrendered and opted for some Mini champs or IXO stuff and saved myself some heavy investment in Tamiya let alone Spark stuf, and things are fine regarding Yams, Hondas, Suzuki...
The M1 is almost unchanged from the moment Lorenzo was just a likely treat to VR46´s power, and besides I found a cheap and resonably made M1 diecast. Then Honda Repsols are boringly soooo similar from one year to another. Suzuki chose to be a flash in the pan and Tamiya already portrayed their effort. No satelite teams, besides. There are also nice diecast KTM´s
So the big hole (With Aprilia´s permission) is... the REDS.
Anyone knows why the MIni Champs guys stopped making them? I suspect it´s licensing. But then IXO makes them profusely, albeit at 1/18 :?
So I´d probably go the scratch build way. Because these guys have made sooo many versions nice liveries, there´s stories of riders´up-and-downs, satelite teams.... I want to have a good number of them, from 2016 to the present.
So anyone here is interested too? :wink:
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Re: 1/12 Moto GP DUKATIS.... anyone?

Post by capri-schorsch »

All MotoGP stuff is interesting to me.
My whole family will go to the race at the red bull ring this year. It's our family holiday and it was the wish of my 3 girls to go to a MotoGP race.
Well, Dad had to go than.

I also looked at eBay for a while now but never seen any newer Ducati. But i have to say i was looking more for old stuff like Kevins Suzuki or Eddies Yamaha.
But MotoGP is much more cooler than F1 for me and will watch every race and every documentation i can find.
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Re: 1/12 Moto GP DUKATIS.... anyone?

Post by tifosi157 »

vey interested. I believe TSM model will release 1/12 ducati gp22.....based on pics. from nuremberg show
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Re: 1/12 Moto GP DUKATIS.... anyone?

Post by Dede »

Very Interested too.
Since their MotoGP Ducati offerings, Tamiya gave us the road bikes, couple of versions of the Panigale and just recently gave us the Superleggera V4, I had hoped they might follow up the recent V4 with an up to date Ducati MotoGP bike as they could have licence/permission to do so and the fact they gave us the Suzuki GSXR-R, so still some MotoGP interest from Big T, fingers crossed anyway...
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