1/12 McLaren MP4/6 carbon fiber

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Re: 1/12 McLaren MP4/6 carbon fiber

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primabaleron wrote: Thu Mar 09, 2023 8:31 am
plastiksurgeon wrote: Wed Mar 08, 2023 9:29 pm
Seema wrote: Mon Feb 20, 2023 10:11 am Steve Mohlenkamp "Plasticsurgeon" got it straight to the point with his mclaren. The search for his contribution is worthwhile.
Thank you.

For my MP4/6, I decided the best way to get that flat rough early carbon fiber appearance was to use 2inch wide regular tan masking tape, covering the entire tub and the painting it flat black. I think it worked perfect and of course the tape is self-adhesive, even though I used just a bit of super glue on the edges so that the edges don't come up in years down the road One last touch was to polish it a bit with a soft t-shirt to polish the higher levels of the tapes texture, creating a little bit more separation between the high areas and the low areas.

I will try and add a picture later when I'm back at the studio.

I have heard of using glue drenched tissue paper and all kinds of techniques to achieve that rough early carbon fiber, but I think this one does it pretty well.

I hope this helps....

Steve Mohlenkamp

It looks very good Steve! I need to look for such a tape for my future MP 4/6 project. What did you paint it with then? paint + clear.

I just painted it with flat black and polished lightly with a soft t-shirt to create contrast the raised areas of the tape.

Steve Mohlenkamp
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