Spare Tyres at Le Mans

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Spare Tyres at Le Mans

Post by Hugeprong »

I am nearing the end of a conversion of the old 1/12 Doyushu IMSA BMW CSL kit into the Calder Art Car from Le Mans in 1975. Once I have closed it up, I wont be able to get back in.

Does anyone know if Le Mans entries still had to carry spare tyres in 1975? I believe that this was a rule at Le Mans into the early 1970s when, for example, the Porsche 917 carried one at the back of the engine bay.

I have found a photo online of a BMW CSL with a spare tyre strapped alongside the driver, but I do not know which race it was - or which year.

Extensive googling has so far failed to help me so I thought I would ask the experts!! Does anyone know?
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