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Qaulity of old Monogram / Revell 1/12 kits (opinions wanted)

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Qaulity of old Monogram / Revell 1/12 kits (opinions wanted)

Post by sky1911 »

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the old Monogram / Protar / Revell or whatever kits. In particular I'm looking at the 1/12 Testarossa and F40. I know that the F40 in particular is supposedly considerably inaccurate, especially the nose, and have been recommended to go for the Fujimi Diecast. I like that one, but there's two things wrong with it - one is it's a diecast and the other is it's a little on the pricey side of things.
Anyway... are there any other inaccuracies with the plastic F40 and in particular are there differences between those kits (Protar / Revell ..) or is it same same but different box / name on the box. If there are differences between them, which is the best "version"?

And what are the opinions on the 1/12 Testarossa, same questions - what are its inaccuracies and which version is the best or are they again same same but different?

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