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Looking for a good and easy 3D design software

Ask away....

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Major Constructor
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Re: Looking for a good and easy 3D design software

Post by stubeck »

Yep, understand it’d be a murky area and that they’re different then what we would need for a model, but it’d be a good base to start. The changes that would be necessary and troubleshooting were going to be the hard part and that’s why I never started

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Re: Looking for a good and easy 3D design software

Post by hirofkd »

Whichever the program, start by completing a few dozen tutorials, then make simple parts, for example brake disks, starters, radiators etc.
An object is a collection of surfaces, lines/curves, and points, and once you know how to make those basic elements, you can use any CAD.
Below are designed on Alibre and printed with Wanhao D7. (I"m testing an image server, and it might become unavailable)

I use one of those paid mechanical CAD programs, but there is FreeCAD for anyone to try.
If you can stack up pieces of plastic and file off corners to scratch-build parts, you can easily visualise how a parametric CAD works.

I usually don't make exterior parts with large surfaces (such as body panels), but if I were, I'd use Blender, because there are a lot of tutorials out there, and I originally started 3D modeling with a similar program like Blender.
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