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For folks going to the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas
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Re: whats important.

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I went GA the first year I went to COTA in 2014. I had a great time, met up with a couple of guys who did scrutineering for other events at the track who pointed me to good spots to watch the race. I know at turn 9 you can sit on the grass in front of the stands and have a good view of the screen so you can keep up with the action elsewhere on the track.

Last year I had a seat at turn 15 and that is my plan for this year as well. You are always free to move about the track and check the other vantage points, especially if you like taking pictures. I definitely enjoyed having the seat though, it was much more comfortable. I'd also say that finding a good place to stay early on is a good idea as well, hotel prices go up around Austin when there is any kind of event going on. I actually stayed about 50 minutes south of the track but it was very reasonable and I got the room just a couple of weeks before the race. I plan on looking for something closer this time and getting a reservation in early.

Hope you have a great time!


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Re: whats important.

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GA vs seat is important and depending on the track. Went to Montreal GA one year and wished I had a seat. Then got a seat for Austin 2012, sat in it for 30min during one practice session and then walked around for the rest of the weekend.
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