Current WRC Models?

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Re: Current WRC Models?

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steveracer wrote: Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:42 pm I am interested in converting the cars to gravel spec, like your Skoda - that looks like a real rally car and not a beauty queen. I have ordered Buffum''s Quattro, and there is a Sylvia - a 200SX here in the US, that is a street car that will be converted to a Group A car.
Thanks! Mission succeeded I'd say; that Skoda was indeed meant to look like it had been used. The grave spec was a update kit by Belkits by the way and it included updated suspension, uprights, rims and tyres. They also made that for their "older" Fiesta's.

Converting street cars into rally cars is something I've done as well. I found it to be very satisfying to create something like that :D
I have built two Tamiya kits, the Peugeot T16 and Fiat 131 - both of those in 1/20 have engine detail. The 1/24 scale 037 has a block and some detail seen from the outside which adds to the look as well.
Ah, of course, the Group B cars usually have engines as they are very visible. The recent Belkits Metro 6R4 also has a full engine. Most post Group-B rally cars are curbside though.
Love the XJR 14 now that looks awesome!
Thank you.
Do you know if detail up parts are generally available for gravel Michelins and/or OZ or Speedline, or Enkei rally wheels? I saw some available online that were cast resin, but the offset was slighty wrong for my needs - I think I have to get an RP maching and create my own....sigh!
With the rise of 3D printing detail up parts are coming thick and fast. Check for example KMP who's bringing out a lot of stuff of 1/24 scale rally cars lately with very good quality (
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