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Model-Space News?

Got a rumor???
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Model-Space News?

Post by SeanMAIN »

Good day to all. Awhile back, 2-3 months ago, somebody was dumping brand new full kids from Model-Space on eBay for super cheap prices. I bought a 1/4 Rossi bike, full kit for $600.00 and other friends bought other kids as well for similar prices. That’s about $900.00 off list. I thought I was being scammed, but the boxes all showed up directly from Model-Space. At the time, I thought they used a strawman to dump inventory for quick cash. Now, most of their products have been removed from their website and there is a banner that says “last stock”, of something like that. Most of their other sites around the world are also missing most of their kits.

Has anybody heard anything about them possibly closing down? In the beginning, their service was great, but a couple of years ago, it became terrible. I stopped buying long ago. Anybody still expecting shipments for incomplete models? If so, I’d call as ask someone questions. If you don’t get the answers you like, call your credit card company and contest before it is too late. I did when they didn’t ship me parts for 8 months. The day after my card issuer agreed to credit back all of my purchases, my shipments resumed.

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Re: Model-Space News?

Post by cbk57 »

Something has changed, they no longer have Star Wars kits. I just looked at their car selection based upon your post and most of their car kits are gone. For years they offered the Mp4-4 and now it is gone completely. They were starting the gt40 that is gone now. I don't think the full kit ever made it out. They seem to only have the XKE and a couple other cars. So things do not look right. I just noticed in Europe that the 917 has come out as a parts work kit. That sounds very interesting I was hopping model space would offer it here.
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